Is the Grabbit 2 compatible with the new iPad (3/HD screen), which is thicker?


While we initially thought that the tolerance may be too tight for the new iPad, we received positive reports from our customers that the Grabbit2 works just fine!  We do admit that the front cover is a little tighter for the new iPad but it definitely fits. (See below on tip to easily remove front cover)

Customer Kurt Westenbarger, a tour guide, says:

Mounting the new iPad in the grabbit2 was easy. Just had to push the corners and as per the directions. I then shook the device over my bed using the leather handle for support. I could not shake the new iPad loose. Next I grabbed the handle I one hand and used my other on the edges of the new iPad trying to pull it out of the grabbit2. I didn’t pull hard enough to risk breaking the case but I did pull enough to be assured the iPad was secure. I’ve used the Grabbit2 daily since then without incident. That’s my experience so far. All in all I’m very satisfied with this product.

Customer Mikmat from USA says:

Yes! It fits the new iPad! Works great, gives very secure way of holding the iPad. The rotating holder is awesome.


I find the leather strap to be stiff and bulky and keeps the iPad from laying reasonably flat. Is this right?


No, but Yes! Leather is a natural material. Like your comfy leather shoes, just give it a little time and it will soften and stay flat.  It will fit your hands like a glove.  We chose leather because it’s a comfortable and high quality material!


I received the Grabbit, but how do I put the leather strap in place?


  1. Push the leather strap over the pins on one side. If the leather is too stiff,
    first roll the leather so it becomes softer. For large hands use the outer set
    of holes, for small hands the inner set. Or use a combination for medium
    size hands.
  2. Push the leather strap over the pins on the other side.
  3. While the strap is in position, place the iPad. The iPad itself keeps the
    strap securely in place.
  4. Grabbit is now ready to use!

Video with Andrew showing how to attach the leather strap:

Video with Andrew showing how to easily remove the front cover:

Video with Andrew showing how to remove the iPad from your Grabbit:

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